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Level and Flow Products for the
Water and Wastewater Industries
Water & Wastewater Overview
Polaris Mag Meter
R82 Pulse Burst Radar Level Transmitter Pulsar Pulse Burst Radar Transmitter Pulsar Rx5
                  Guided Wave Radar 704 Guided Wave Radar
Jupiter Magnetorestrictive Level Transmitter Gemini Magnetic Level Indicator Magnetic Level Indicators
Contour 3D Volume Mapping
Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Transmitter
Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Level Interface
                  Switch Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Transmitter
External Chamber
                  Flow Switch F10
                  Flow Switch Ultrasonic Level Switch Ultrasonic Level Switch PACTWare PC Software
Accessories - Digital Displays Accessories - Hot Tap T10
                  Float Level Switch Top
                  Mount Level Switch T20 T21 Displacer Switch - Top Mount

NEW:  Magnetrol "MA1" - Electromagnetic Flow Meter
                  Polaris Mag Meter

NEW:  Magnetrol "706" - Guided Wave Radar
Magnetrol 706 GWR Guided Wave Radar

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Measurement Solutions
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Mark Anderson
Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas
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Keith Skidmore: Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas
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